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It all started with the question, “how many women have you slept with?” This led me to delve into my past and from that came the inspiration to answer some questions of my own and that of those I’ve conversed with over the years through my travels and interaction. I became increasingly curious as numerous thoughts for information relating to the topic of relationships overwhelmed me. A large amount of focus has been highlighted by various individuals on how to have the perfect relationship. Some people claim that by being more actively involved in the relationship, you can create a perfect relationship. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it’s not. While many individuals have revealed an interest in being ‘linked’ or ‘attached’ to someone, others have been forced (or force themselves) to prove to the potential future partner that they are better and more deserving than the ex-partner in that particular relationship. Sometimes blindly, this particular group of potential lovers, are forced to take over the girlfriend or boyfriend tasks due to unforeseen circumstances, for example a breakup that one did not anticipate happening. These partners regrettably often find themselves still in a dark-hole, uninformed and uneducated from previous relationships with regard to the expectations of a boyfriend or girlfriend. As a result of this, many individuals tend to begin their relationships with a boyfriend or girlfriend poorly, as there is no one ‘educating’ them.

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